OH NO!!!!

The blog has been busy with folks checking in and that is wonderful.  It was 13 degrees here this morning after a blizzard last night.  Nice to have the snow protecting the crops.  The boys are eating huge amounts of prairie grass hay to stay warm and are doing well. 

But I have a dilemma…

Last evening after a horrible two-hour journey thru a blinding snowstorm we arrived home absolutely beat, both of us have been packing terrible head colds so my thinking was a little clouded to say the least.  Still I had to jump on the internet to check the “Savannah Channel” .  To find this go to www.marestare.com then go to Live Cams and then to Double Dot Ranch and Donkey Resort.  This girl is now ninetten days past her due date and she looks ready to pop anytime.  After checking on Savannah and then buzzing thru a hundred or so e-mails..  one was a fantastic note from a gentleman who had just found either the website or the blog and wanted to introduce himself and his team of beautiful black perfectly matched mammoth donkeys.  He sent three delightful photos.  The first was of the team pulling a large wagon that looked like one would go camping in.  This I am very interested in.   The others were of the team plowing and log pulling.  Now this is my kind of fella!  But what I did next about breaks my heart… I deleted the wrong folder and I lost his e-mail.  I read my mail off the server and there was just no way to retreive it back.  So Sir, if you are out there lurking or if someone knows who this could be  please let him know I would love to visit with him.  Thank you!  I had several e-mails that I would love to respond to that are now gone forever! 

Fifty-nine more days till spring… the count down has begun!

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