Versatility Hall of Fame

Now that winter is upon us it gives me time to catch up on all those little projects I’ve been meaning to accomplish.  I happened upon Galahad and Luc’s American Mule and Donkey Society’s paperwork for the boys Versatility Hall of Fame awards.  Galahad has yet to achieve his mainly because we have not been hitting the show circuits, the fairs or parades these past two years.  Instead we have been driving and driving and driving!  It’s one of those things I have really just wanted to stay home and do.

Driving the boys always gives me something to write about as those who follow the blogs well know.  Some of these tales have been accepted in magazines such as; The Brayer, Mules and More and more recently The Canadian Donkey and Mule Journal.  The Donkey Digest for the Affiliated Donkey Societies of Australia will also be publishing some of the Teamdonk stories.  We are feeling a tad bit international these days!  These articles, the internet, the Recreational Driving Challenge and the Mischka Donkey Calendar among others have boosted Galahad’s points to 267 enough for him to earn his Hall of Fame Award.  Here is the write-up that will be appearing in The Brayer along with this photo.  Congratulations Galahad!

OK Sir Galahad Qualifies for Versatility Hall of Fame Award

OK Sir Galahad now ranks among the greats as a member of the esteemed Versatility Hall of Fame donkeys.  Galahad was bred by Doug & Sue Wallace of Enumclaw, Washington.  Sired by the incredible Siemon’s Maxamillion and foaled by OK Lady Scarlett with quality conformation wrapped up in a strawberry roan package.  Galahad joined the Teamdonk mammoth donkeys in October 2008 as a performance prospect and we certainly have not been disappointed in his go-get-um attitude.

In the past two years, Galahad has seen 443 driving miles mostly traveling across the landscape of the Beautiful Camas Prairie in North Central Idaho with his teammate RMS Lippyluver Luc hitched to a two-wheeled Pacific Carriage.  Their 2009 adventures were carefully logged on as Galahad was learning his driving skills.  He even participated in a few parades along the way.

Follow their stories at  to see how their skills developed into cross country fun loving driving donkeys.  Galahad has now seen 88 hitchings and has been driven 287.5 hours.  It’s the team’s fun loving antics that prompted their stories to be told in several national magazines.  The Teamdonk boys are becoming rather well known in assorted driving circles.

This spring Galahad will be helping to train Teamdonk #2 with three and four abreast driving planed with the new guys.  Look for OK Sir Galahad’s adventures at  Spring plowing bees and summer parades are all planned for OK Sir Galahad’s future.  At Teamdonk we’re passionate about our driving donkey boys.

2 Responses to “Versatility Hall of Fame”

  1. Oris Reed Says:

    That donkey sure makes Krisit look good

    • teamdonk Says:

      Thanks Oris, I told OK Sir Galahad a long time ago that making me look good is his job… I think he took me seriously.. and apparently you do too!!

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