Luc’s Seventh Honor Roll

It’s that time of the year to tally those points Luc has earned just by being Luc. It looks like he has done it again.  This will be Luc’s 7th appearance in The Brayer Magazine in the Continued Excellence catagory.  Luc has also achieved fame in the ADMS Driving Participating Award and the overall Supreme Driving Program. 

Here is how Luc’s next appearance in the Honor Roll Hall of Fame will appear;

7th Honor Roll—For Continuing Excellence

RMS Lippyluver Luc G-11987 HOF

It has taken me years to discover that the RMS Lippyluver Luc contract, which states; “The Kingma’s, will do our best to keep you healthy, happy and loved” is null and void.  His end of the bargain was to be a very good boy and do as asked, not creating pasture havoc every chance he gets!  It seems Luc has put us into an ongoing negotiation that almost always ends in his favor, or at least we let him think so.

He’s the leader of his pack of merry men.  Swiping a mouthful of food from all the buckets every morning, that’s Luc. He loves wormer so much he would devour the syringe if you let him, licking the extra off everyone’s lips.  He’s the one who will reposition his rubber mat so he can steal it later, turning it into a pasture toy.

After years of driving single he’s the one we hitch a green donkey with to show them how’s it’s done.  

We requested his breeder, Janelle Rieger, of Rocky Mountain Songbirds in Ismay, Montana to build us another, jus’ like Luc.  She told us that in no uncertain terms she broke that mold as soon as Luc hit the ground.  Smart lady, that Janelle!

That’s our Luc earning his 7th Continuing Excellence Honor Roll.  His stories have reached worldwide on the internet and in many popular magazines.  It wouldn’t be Teamdonk without him.

2 Responses to “Luc’s Seventh Honor Roll”

  1. Oris Reed Says:

    Good stuff.

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