November 3rd, 2010

I slipped out of work early to get the four wheeled buggy ready for winter storage.  Yesterday I dressed the buckboard in its new boat cover, which worked perfectly!  Now I have a Cabalas four wheeler cover for the buggy so it will have more protection from the elements, especially next summer when home for it will be underneath the gooseneck.   The new cover fit perfectly and turned out to be a heavy insulated vinyl with an elastic bottom.  Now in order to cover the buggy I had to pull out Teamdonk’s cart.  Whell that did it!  Why not go for a drive?  The boys were in feed jail as I had planned to catch them anyway, so it didn’t take long to twist my own arm into hitching up.  “Even if we just make it quick,” I told myself, “It will be my first November drive!”  Luc started his driving career in 2004, in the past six years, we have never seen a November hitch, but we have now.

The day dawned with an extremely thick heavy fog, left over from the previous night, which hung around until 11 am.  I noticed even at noon the grass was still full of moisture.  It was a sunny 49 degrees at 1 pm with just a slight movement to the cool crisp air.  The temperature at the house read 54 by 3:30, another perfect late fall day.   Last season we had our final drive October 3rd extending that an extra 30 days is amazing!  What a late summer and fall this has been!

We drove through our newest timothy hay patch, next year this will be known as the middle hayfield. Then past the horse pasture where the boys are greeted with a high speed gallop to the fence.  This heads and tails up attitude with flaring nostrils always get Teamdonk a little excited.  As soon as we pass the horses drop their heads and go back to grazing. 

Luc flushed the covey of quail from the exact same spot along the road, after a month of doing this it was no surprise.  At the corner of Halford and Day roads I planned to turn around with an exit off the road into a stubble field.  Rick had parked his John Deere, with tracks not tires, tractor hooked to a long row of shined up freshly used plows.  Our turnaround swing went around the parked equipment.  Coming back to the road a pickup driver with a young Britney Spaniel stopped for a visit.  He had never seen us before and was amazed! There were lots of questions and good conversation.  We talked bird hunting and I told him about the roadside covey of quail, as he wasn’t having much luck.  I think he was pheasant hunting and not really interested in the quail. 

As we headed for home a McGregor fertilizer truck toped the hill far enough ahead to gear down to safely pass.  Galahad, who was a little apprehensive about the approaching truck that was coming right at us, sez thank you to the courteous driver for slowing it down.  Luc encountered the same covey of quail as they changed sides of the road once again flying up near him. We stopped to watch as they flew off staying close to the ground.  Gary was on his crawler fertilizing his fall wheat that was now about two inches tall.  The fall crops everywhere on the prairie are looking great. The two horses came flying back to the fence line making Luc and Galahad a little defensive.  Our walking speed was 5 mph, I’m guessing that happened with their quick step when the horses came running up behind us.  It was a great drive! 

Tomorrow afternoon the collars, harness and lines will be washed and conditioned.  The cart gets a bath and a wax job then covered.  It’s time to put away all my driving gear until next season.  There’s a cold wet front headed our way for the weekend and snow is forecasted for next week.  This is my last opportunity to get this done! 

It has been fourteen days since our last outing.  In that amount of time the boy’s coats have thickened and they have lost conditioning.  Galahad thought Luc was taking advantage of me in the lets stop for a rest department, but I could see his sides heaving heavily a few times too.  Today’s total time was one hour thirty three minutes, 13 minutes of that was at rest covering four miles.  Not bad!  The boys were a little sweaty, due to their heavier coats, and definitely pooped when we got home.  Luc was hungry, he had missed a meal at the round bale and thought he need to make it up as soon as possible. Galahad went to the roll spot, too tired to roll so he took a nap instead.  This was our last drive in 2010. Boys, thank you both for a short but fun season.

In 2010 Teamdonk has driven 180 miles in 76.5 hours with a total of 33 drives.  Galahad’s 88th hitch was today and our total overall mileage is 443 miles in 287.5 hours to date.

3 Responses to “November 3rd, 2010”

  1. Mel N.Y. Says:

    I hate to see the end of the season, but looking foward to next year.
    It seems like the boys did real good this year. give them a good hug for me.

    • teamdonk Says:

      Melvin and Sparkle, thank you! It’s really hard for me putting everything away for winter! I was pleased with the boys and their 2010 season. Gary found our lost Slow Moving Vehicle Sign, it was mangled in a plow and a long way from where it bounced off in the field. At least I know where that went.

      I am looking forward to getting Teamdonk#2 going in the spring. I think they will be donkey calm with just as much personality as Teamdonk#1. Let’s hope so!

      There will be some winter updates on the boys, I’m sure! Hopefully we will make it to the Madras, OR auction in April and then some plowing bees.

      C Ya in the spring! Hugs to Sparkle from her Idaho boyfriends and me too!!
      Kristi and
      Teamdonk#1 Luc and Galahad
      Teamdonk#2 Hank and Merlin

  2. Lucy Janiga Says:

    I saw your article in the “Brayer” and thought I would check out your site. Love the Articles. I live in Western NY with my husband and we have a 300 head dairy farm. My husband farms 900 acres, wheat, alfalfa, corn soy bean and peas. I have six mini donkeys and I take my one team out in our fields and also in local parades. There is nothing better than a drive in the fields though. You obviously have more open space than we do. It is getting quite populated where we are and I have to deal with alot of traffic to get to different fields. Neighbors love to see us, especially the people in the neighboring subdivisions. Kids come out of the woodwork!
    Reading your articles gave me the inspiration to make more effort to get my girls out more and track their record. I do all the driving and care myself and it gets to be abit of a job. I just got all my carts & wagons put away too. When I noticed your age I thought, “wow”, and she has Mammoths. I’m 56 this should be a piece of cake for me. I love my Mini’s, they bring sunshine to my days.
    Thank You Again for your beautiful Article!
    Happy Brays to You!

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