WOW..whatta drive we had!

This was the most perfect driving experience I believe Teamdonk has ever had! We went a little over 7.25 miles in three hours of driving bliss.  Temperature was 58 degrees at 1 pm and at 4:30 it had surpassed the day’s high of 63 and was starting to go the other direction.  The sun felt wonderfully warm all the way to my core, it’s been a couple of weeks since it has offered to do that for me.

We drove the gravel roads to Stites Road and back, with a few detours!  At first I thought going into Day Canyon that Phil, who is deeply plowing our favorite driving wheat stubble to the north, was about to move out of the field.  In my mind I could see him meeting us somewhere on the long steep side of  Day Canyon Road on a tractor that sports a set of doubles, 4 large tractor tires wide, pulling a heavy plow.  I sped the boys up so we could get into a good passing spot if this was his plan.  It seems he must have stopped to make an adjustment, oh thank you! That canyon road is no place to be meeting heavy equipment that also has extra width to it.  This is what Day Canyon looks like when dressed in its spring greens.

Driving past the newly plowed field tickles ones senses.  The warm earthy smells of the freshly tilled soil that has been rotated skyward is delightful.    While it’s still damp with the moisture that has been hidden underneath the topsoil, it has a heavy black color spiked with a few pieces of wheat shaft that will soon break down and disappear.  Mother Nature is hard at work with Farmer Phil getting the earth readied for its next crop rotation.

For a short spell Luc was stomping his inside front foot, he’s never done that before.  So either he had a rock in the frog of the hoof, very unlikely, or there was something on his leg he wanted off… more likely!  He was soon traveling normally.  There were no rocks lodged in his hooves after the drive so it could have been a bee or a wasp.  Whew, we escaped that one unscathed!! 

 As soon as we could safely get off the road we dove into a stubble field that has yet to be tilled.  Okay, I must admit this was one we had yet to explore.  There was a beaten down path that traveled towards the field’s core where the grain trucks had hauled the freshly harvested wheat about six weeks earlier.  Driving that was much smoother than bouncing across the rows. Since the wheat that had escaped off the trucks had already sprouted and was flourishing, it was like following a green pathway surrounded by yellow stubble.  It had that “Follow the yellow brick road” feel to it.  Only our “yellow brick road” stopped at the base of a hill which was fine for us, we simply turned around and followed it back to the intersection of Day and Stites Roads.  Folks around here know this as the ole’ Weber Place.  Wow, that was a super neat exploration!

Back on the gravel road I noticed a white pickup with flashing lights, it stopped on all the hill tops which told me it was flagging something.  It was what I heard that concerned me.  I kept checking behind us until I finally saw it!  A HUGE RED Monster, a shiny new International Quadtrac Tractor valued around $300,000.00, which covered the entire road bed. Now who do you think is going to win this standoff?

We needed a new plan quickly and decided on a good strong trot to the next intersection… Dang, I could tell I wasn’t going to make it, that outfit was going faster than we were… Okay, it was time to bump it into Plan C which was to find a place to bail off the road as there sure as heck was not room for the both of us!  Found a spot to depart, now under normal driving conditions I would never have exited stage right here… but this was an emergency!  I could hear Big Red slowing down so I took another look behind me.  What did I see but the sweetest face of the cutest gal in brunette braids I have ever seen!  I swear she must have had farm fresh freckles too!  She gave me a big thumbs up as she drove past in that huge four wheel drive tractor with a menagerie of equipment trailing behind.  Galahad gave her both ears in an “Oh My God” kind of look especially when he saw that she was three implements long, which is somewhere between 75 and 100 feet in length. That’s longer than a semi with a set of doubles and scarie as ‘ell!~ Love my boys, love my boys, not even a flinch!!!   YEAH!!  We jumped right back on the road and proceeded to follow her as if it were a daily occurrence!

We must have been in an exploring mood as both boys easily turned off the road into a long lane that I have always wanted to drive.   This place is used mainly to access the grazing in Day Canyon.  There are cattle corrals, a shed that has outlived the original homestead place and a big shiny new metal building.  I know the gentleman who farms this property and knew he would not mind if we drove in to take a look around.  I’m certainly glad we did!  If I ever need to get off the road to fix something, this would be a nice safe place to do so!

According to the GPS it was almost Big Yeller’ School Bus time… the kids love seeing the mammoth donkeys pulling the two wheeled cart but we needed to kill some time, like an extra 30 minutes!  It took a little convincing for the boys to head uphill into yet another wheat stubble field instead of heading home.  They were not happy little campers… “Mom, home is that way… remember?” Luc kept reminding me.  We spent enough time that the kids did get to see the donkeys and give them great big waves!  

Before heading up the driveway we made one more stop and that was to retrieve the mail.  No one seemed to be in a hurry at this point so it was a slow trip to the unhitching area with Hank and Merlin, soon to be Teamdonk #2,  following in the pasture… I was wishing this entire drive that it was the beginning of the season and not the end… or is it???  Maybe so, as there is snow in our future, but this is always hope that another nice day will sneak into the weather forecast and we can go again!

This year Teamdonk has driven 176 miles in 75 hours with a total of 32 drives.  Galahad’s 87th hitch was today and our total overall mileage is 439 miles and 286 hours to date.

We had a 6.2 mph jog trot today and a 7.6 mph road trot but mostly we travel around 3 miles an hour just to soak it all up. 

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