a FUN-tastic drive!

Sunny and 50 degrees… an October forecast suited for an afternoon drive, this time I was comfortably attired in jeans with a short sleeve top.  The sun’s angle hits just right to harness in the warmth of the sunlight but unharnessing is now shaded and cooler, the exact opposite of summertime. Robert, who helped me train Galahad, was along for the ride so we mostly walked.  He is also responsible for today’s photos which I really appreciate and hope you do to.

The working donkey mind is absolutely amazing and they proved this once again today.  As we were walking along the gravel road, I swear the same covey of quail that had flown out of the tall dried grass underneath Luc’s feet did it again in the exact location.  Both boys reacted identically with a spook in place. I mean this was a total freeze, neither moved a muscle to run off.   I’m not sure if a horse or mule would have reacted like this, the riding animals I use to be associated with would have run for the hills.  Since the boys were stopped we rewarded them with a nice rest. 

Robert commented on how calm the boys were when a diesel truck drove up next to us, stopped and killed the motor. Then after a nice long visit Darrell started it up and drove off without any reaction from the pair.  But when Robert jumped out of the cart to pick up a beer can for me, Galahad was ready to depart the scene, he hates any kind of drink can or plastic bottle!  Robert gave him some Atta Boy scratches and Galahad tolerated the situation. 

We drove to the hay field by the highway then came back through our stubble field; I’m no longer able to cut thru the fields so it is back to more road work. We had just entered our field when a big yellow school bus came into sight.  Vicki slowed down so all the little faces pressed against the windows could wave as they went by.  I wonder what they told mom and dad when they arrived home.  

We had a great visit and a FUN-tastic drive!

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