Played Hooky to Drive

I was bound and determined that today was to be a designated driving day even with a buggered up knee.  I’ve been hobbling for a week and today the knee was still feeling stiff and sore but good enough to harness and do everything except deal with the weight of the cart by myself.  Thanks to Erin and Jim for all their ASSistance in getting me down the road. 

By noon it was 59*and again I went to a shorts and tank top outfit but that decision proved to be a wrong one.  Good thing I had tied a heavy flannel shirt around my waist just in case.  There was a cool crisp breeze and plenty of clouds for the sun to hide behind until 2 pm. 

From the road I could see the field I was looking forward to driving in was being worked, darn that was an important part of my plan. One semi load of fertilizer passed us with plenty of time to slow down, which he did thankfully.  We were parked in a hay field when a long procession of huge farm equipment turned and went the direction we were headed.  Talk about a change of plans, to be safe we drove back to the farm to play.   

Trotting down the road I asked for a walk and the boys immediately responded.  At the exact same moment a covey of quail flew out of the tall dried grass next to Luc’s feet.  I’m sure the boys were impressed with my perfect timing… talk about luck!

We are getting good at picking up the mail from our rural mailbox and the boys no longer mind the sounds, today there was a magazine wrapped in plastic that I did some extra crinkling with no response from them.  We then proceeded down the road headed away from the farm for a little longer drive.  That was tough on the boys to be almost home then going again.   Even the sheep in the stubble field did not bother them at all.  Luc usually has a fit and does not want to go any further.  We had a fun turn around in a wheat field that borders the pasture where the newborn calves are.  The boys have been fascinated by the running and playing of the little black babies.  Today we watched the feed truck and the excitement that caused.  Playing near the farm turned out to be the best part of our outing. 

Again I fooled them into thinking the drive was over when we came up the lane.  Instead of going to the trailer for unhitching we drove past the machine shed and took a trip around the new hay field.  I had a wonderful visit with the only pheasant hunters we allow at the pond.  The boys were a little concerned about their hunting dog but as soon as he laid down at their feet Luc relaxed.  Very good dog session!  They only saw one bird and he managed to get away from them.

Our hay field trotting speed was 6.8 miles per hour, the road trot was actually slower and never registered on the GPS.  We drove a total of 5 miles in two hours.  The boys were great while I hobbled around unhitching them.  If this was our last drive of the season it was a perfect ending for the year, but I’m thinking there must be at least one more drive in store for us, I hope!!

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