A Hard Freeze

The first hard freeze finally arrived Tuesday morning October 12th. The temperature dropped into the mid 20’s, the cold has arrived. The oil stove is working hard and the wood stove is back on the job. The ground is white with frost and the season is definitely in a state of change. The maple leaves are fading into yellow and starting to hit the ground. Luc just loves those sugar maple leaves and so do the other three!
I should have a few more driving dates with Teamdonk, before it is time to clean and hang the harness in the basement and get the vehicle covers on and stored away for winter. Of course there is always the option of purchasing sleigh runners for the cart but will I really use them enough to justify the cost…. I’m thinking probably not! Winter driving has no appeal for me.
If the weather forecast is correct look for at least one more update later this week.

2 Responses to “A Hard Freeze”

  1. Melvin and Sparkle Says:

    Just catching up on the back posts.Still laughing at Oct 3rds Don’t you just know donkeys have a sense of humor? LOL. Luc is testing yours! LOL.

    • teamdonk Says:

      Boy you got that one right! Hopefully it is me who always gets the last laugh in! Was told once that when you purchace a donkey the first thing you must do is to have that donkey’s IQ tested, then have your IQ tested… Now if the donkey is one point over yours SELL him immediately as you have already lost the battle! I wish I had heard that one before getting LUC! Watta guy!!!

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