100% Chance of Rain!

If you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes and it is sure to change.  That was the theme of the day.  First thing this morning we were under a heavy overcast that shouted rain.  Around noon the sky cleared enough to let some sunshine thru, oh boy shorts driving weather!

Jim finished seeding the last of our soft white wheat fields by early afternoon so we decided it was play time.  He saddled Hank and I drove Teamdonk.  We took a ride/drive to Gary’s stubble field where the boys and I have been driving only to find plowing underway.  We stayed on the field’s edge to keep out of their way but where we could watch them hard at it. 

The end of that field was our destination point where we could admire Jim’s perfectly green canola field.  While stopped we could hear the starlings at the Flying B Bird Ranch raising havoc.  They are always trying to get thru the netting to steal the Pheasant, Hungarian Partridge, Quail, and Chukar feeds.  The starlings are a costly menace to that enterprise.  This game bird farm hatches millions of birds in assorted varieties.  The birds are either shipped to Pacific Rim countries or released and hunted not far from here.  It’s an interesting part of our neighborhood and one that always fascinates me.

Suddenly the weather took yet another turn changing from sunshine to a light drizzle, with a cool breeze and heavy storm clouds moving in our direction.  We decided to gamble that we had enough time to go the longer way home and enjoy our stubble field that Jim is talking about working under soon.  The gamble paid off and we stayed dry enough not to be uncomfortable.

Galahad was not sure he liked having Hank along.  It was something new that pretty much freaked him out.  First off Hank likes to walk out and be in front.  There was a little rivalry going on as every time Hank sped up so did Galahad, but not Luc.  Those two, Hank and Galahad the blue roan and the strawberry roan, will make a great moving out team.  There is only a couple of inches difference in their height which should not matter that much.   Galahad didn’t like it when Hank was behind the cart where Galahad could not keep an eye on him.  Luc was in a “I could really care less mood.”  The noise of the cart did not phase Hank at all, I’ve always had a feeling he is going to be very easy to train and driving should make him a better boy for Jim to ride.  It was great to have Jim riding Hank and coming with us, hope it happens again real soon. 

We had just enough time to get Hank unsaddled and the boys unhitched before the rains came hard and heavy for a good portion of the night giving us a full inch of moisture on the freshly seeded fields. 

This year Teamdonk has driven 157 miles in 67 hours with a total of 29 drives.  Galahad’s 84th hitch was today and our total overall mileage is 420 miles and 278 hours to date.

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