Another October Drive

Everything today seems to be in a state of fading. The bright earth tones are dulling, the air no longer has the hot feel of summer and the boy’s hair coats have lost their luster as they thicken and ready for winter.  The temperature at noon was 59 degrees so I elected to wear shorts, maybe for the last time, the black tee shirt soaking up the sun’s rays felt warm and wonderful again my skin.  The hazy sky was a mass of different kinds of clouds since we are between rain storms that was no surprise. 

The drive itself was exuberant! Galahad and I watched an adult coyote as he loped through a stubble field then along the ridge top!  We drove into the hay field along the highway that we yearned to enter during our last drive.  It was a wonderful driving field.  Hidden from the highway is a small pond with a few trees and tall cattails.  We looked down at it rather than driving there.  What a great hay field to explore and a smooth ride! 

 Otherwise we stayed mainly in the stubble fields as the gravel roads looked busier than normal with the farmers desperately trying to get seed in the ground before it rains again.  We could look across Day Canyon to see our favorite driving wheat field, where this photo was taken, was being plowed today.  Not only are we losing our driving season due to the weather but we are losing our driving fields to the plow and seed drills!  It is how our rural life revolves.

We made a 6 ¼ mile loop today and at 3 pm it had warmed to a cool 65 degrees under a buttermilk sky. Our field walking speed averaged between 2.8 and 3.9 miles an hour.

 Luc was especially tired when we got home and snuck off for a nap at the pasture shelter.  Galahad had a play session with Merlin, and then everyone disappeared into the back pasture where they could hang and do whatever it is donkeys do on a fall afternoon.

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