Kristi One, Luc Zero.. Gotya Lucers~

Frank and Mike were here this morning for the boy’s hoof trims, everyone needed a touch up including Merlin who is slowly getting better about his hind feet.  For safety purposes we are still using the neck rope and looping it around an ankle before reaching back for his rear end; at least he is fighting it less and we are making slow but positive progress. 

Much cooler this morning, 36* was the overnight low at 7:30am, at 9 it had warmed up ten degrees and at noon it was 59*.  We left at 10 am headed south through our newer hayfield.

We’ve had very few drives across it since harvest was in full swing so it was like visiting an old friend.  There was an adult Blue Heron at the pond along with the usual Canadian Geese and Ducks all seemed to be enjoying the fish bounty and the clear cool water.  The neighbor’s sheep were grazing where they could be seen from our vantage point.  It looked like a peaceful and scène countryside oil painting with the bird farm silos looming skyward into the horizon.

Before we were even close to the road Luc was trying his best to get the line in his mouth to chew on it.  I have to say my trick buckling the lines to a large snap hooked to the center of the shank really did the trick.  He tried the entire trip to toss the line so he could grab it with his lips.. Kristi One, Luc Zero, no more chewing up Galahad’s stub line!  This is what it looks like in action.

After exiting the hayfield and already past a good pullout spot I heard traffic behind us.  We were at the bottom of the hill when a loaded fertilizer semi going way to fast topped out and was heading straight for us.  All he could do was let up on the gas and go flying past.  Galahad was on the outside and didn’t break gait, it scared him but he handled it, what a good boy! 

I have been working with the team to encourage them into a slow jog trot and today was a huge success.  Moving in unison at 6.2 mph the boys were perfect!  Halleluiah!! Our faster trot clocked out today at 8.6 mph without any loping!  There is getting to be a lot of difference between these two gaits.

We entered into a new to us stubble field off Halford Road and found a couple of pleasant surprises.  First off that is a nice driving field and we need to go back soon!  On the backside the land is shaped into a bowl that you drive the sides to climb out of.  Most of the stubble is cut close to the ground and we can stay within the rows so the cart rides smoother.  Also from the back we found the access to a couple of fields I have been dying to get into. That drive is scheduled for a weekend when we have more time to get out and play.  Across the front of this field we could watch the traffic on the highway zipping by and look over the area that burnt during the wildfire.  We field drove most of the way home with no traffic.

The temperature stayed in the 50’s so it was a little cool in shorts but the sun warmed my backside up nicely!  We drove almost six miles in a little over two hours with only 10 minutes of resting.  The guys were really enjoying themselves today!   We’re again off for a couple of days waiting for the rain to pass.

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