Teamdonk’s Fall Field Tour

The Eveready Bunny Lives and Teamdonk certainly knows how the little bugger feels as they have surpassed the 400 total mileage mark in 272 hours and are still going strong. 

We had a let’s beat the storm day of driving and with the change in the weather the boys were full of mischief…especially Luc!  He has devised a new trick and it’s been working for him.  I always let Galahad stop to take a dump, so like a good person I let Luc stop also… but no more!  Its aim and fire away for Lucers! This is his new thing; lift the tail and let a little gas escape so he gets to stop, take two steps back and let all that fresh green manure roll out and land directly on mom’s foot!  Then turn around with endearing soulful eyes and say, “Oh I’m sorry” Which I know he is….NOT!” First time I figured it was a fluke… second time I saw him lift the blinder, back up and bombs away!  Now when he has to go he can do it while walking… sorry Luc….NOT!!

Luc’s other thing is getting Galahad’s line that is hooked to the bit into his mouth, I’m thinking red hot Tabasco sauce and maybe it won’t be to his liking! I’ve tightened up his headstall and relocated the line to the bottom ring but Luc is a clever one and he’s chewing up my good team lines like crazy!  Actually what I did was to use a large snap then hook the line at the back of the snap, it keeps the line from accidentally falling into Lucer’s mouth. I’ll use that until he forgets about chewing on the lines.

Galahad keeps jumping straight up, like a cat, when we are out field driving.  I was thinking something like a breast strap hangs up and it scares him and that is how he releases it.  The other day Galahad put a longear on a little garter snake and skirted around it, okay I can respect that, I grew up in rattlesnake country. But today when I saw big stout Galahad jump like a sissy girl over a silly little mouse, I really had to chuckle!  I now know why he thinks he needs to keep his head low… heaven forbid he step on a poor defenseless little mousy, better to do the classical dressage movement of the Lipizzaner Aires Above Ground.

We went around the mile again and this time we drove every field possible… here is the count:

  1. Last year’s canola field to the west of our house, then our hay field into the wheat field going south
  2. We drove three quarters around the  large Bluegrass field
  3. The next stubble field had even more equipment parked in it.  We performed our obstacle work; the plows were so shiny Luc could see our reflection, now that was fun!
  4. At the top of a steep downhill grade we jumped into a stubble field which puts us off road and is much safer.
  5. Further down that road was another stubble field we scooted into.  The next three wheat fields are no more as they are planted and put to bed for the winter.
  6. Following that is the wheat field that borders the canola.  We hit our mark right on this time and came out in a perfect spot to get back to the road.
  7. The final fields were the north end of our own wheat field and from there we went directly into one of our hay fields…that is ten fields we were in today.

When the ag guys do this they call it a crop tour… when we do this we call it “The Teamdonk Fall Field Tour”!

We drove 6 ½ miles in a little less than 3 hours.  I pushed the boys into a faster trotting speed going uphill and that came to 7.7 mph for our maximum speed.  Most of today was done at a walk.  The air had definitely cooled down with the approaching storm and heavy dark clouds; it was raining within a couple of hours of our drive.  We’ll take a few days off now, let the boys rest up and be back on the roads the end of next week, I hope!

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