A Patchwork Countryside

The weather continues to hold and yet there was a chill in the air until 11 am.  We truly enjoyed an extra long combination field and road drive today traveling over 6.5 miles.  Had to lengthen Galahad’s back straps today which of course throws off the breast and quarter straps and he needs his neck strap tightened so he keeps his head up a little better, putting that strap thru the line rings has really helped Luc.  Luc needs his headstall tightened up when it is too loose he plays with the bit and the inside line, tightened it up and all that nonsense goes away. 

We went south into Phil’s stubble field, to the canola and back out to the road.  We cut into the wheat field below Keeler’s to check it out.  It’s very steep so we decided not to attempt it today.  We drove to the top and looked out over the patchwork countryside all dressed up in earth tones, turned into a terrific new field outing.  When we came back we again cut in by the canola field and continued west to where we can get back out to the road again.  The red cows were up against the fence line near the rock pile and Luc was not happy he had to pass them that close, especially when one ole girl licked her lips at him! LOL, sure Luc a donkey eating cow… get real!   I saw five deer running across the ridge top but the boys must have been sleep walking and missed them completely!  Superior drive!!  Hazy and smoky, must be the forest service doing some fall burning.  Tomorrow marks another driving occasion… be sure to tune in!

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