The Last September Drive of 2010

It was 47 degrees this morning at 8 am, once the sun commissioned a little strength it didn’t take long to peel off the sweatshirt and drive in a tank top and shorts.  Drove back to the bluegrass field and made a pass thru it then on around the mile.  On Longhaul Road we had to get out of the way of Bob’s Challenger and harrows, coming straight at us at about 50 mph, we dove into a stubble field about the time he came flying past us.  Galahad and I had been watching his field dust, suddenly there was no more dust, the harrows were folded up and Bob was coming towards us.  Didn’t bother the boys one bit. 

Luc took a gee turn between the canola and wheat fields where we’ve been driving.  This time we drove that section of field to the next entrance.  The stubble was deep and steep and we had to do some side hilling, but it was a good way to get off the road for awhile. 

There are a lot of tractors, seed and fuel trucks and fertilizer equipment traffic on the roads right now, one must pay attention and plan ahead.  There is still some field burning going on and it is always nice to be home before one gets smoked!  It was truly another perfectly wonderful fall driving day.

We had a 7.1 mph trot on our 2 hour and 18 minute 5.5 mile drive.

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