Calm, Confidence and Courtesy

The roadway of life’s little achievements often falls within these three words.  Being calm and confident is very important to driving animals and of course being courteous ranks right up there.  Self confidence and being an assertive leader needs to top the list when driving as our animals depend on us to be there to guide them.  I saw these attributes in the drivers at the Idaho International Draft Horse and Mule Show, whether they were in the show ring, warming up or pleasure driving among the crowds.  It’s the same for us countryside drivers.

That was the theme of today’s undertaking, keeping it calm and collected.  Passing through our wheat stubble field Luc was certain he spotted something at the neighboring game bird farm that needed to be shied at, sorry Luc there was nothing there.  Across from us in the neighbor’s field was a crawler pulling equipment making a tremendous amount of racket!  Even better right where we cross the gravel road was a backhoe digging up the entire corner.  Luc was sure that warranted a good excuse for a run-away.  Hey, he got away with it yesterday, so why not two days in a row? I just wasn’t buying into his theory and was not going to let Galahad go there either.  We made it safely past and eventually Luc settled into a most enjoyable drive thru the new growth of lawn type bluegrass.  We drove that field back and forth and finally ambled up the road to the next stubble field where we took a short jaunt around some of it.  We had never driven into that one before so it was exhilarating squeezing between the parked equipment giving us a natural type of obstacle course.  Back into the bluegrass field for another round of driving thru the luscious emerald green grass before retrieving the neighbor’s newspaper and a quick chat with the phone guys that were doing the digging.   We ended our jaunt on the same route we started out on.  Total gratification is the only way to describe this day’s Teamdonk quest; I’m thinking the boys enjoyed this one as much as I did. 2 hrs 12 minutes, 5.5 miles 8 am 50 degrees, 11 am under a warm sun it was 66 degrees. This was a walk only trip at 4.8 mph.

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