Oh what a Beautiful Morning, Oh what a Beautiful Day

We are into a full blown Indian Summer, except for the killing frost which is suppose to come before the warm summer like temperatures.  My goal is to get out and enjoy it!

 The lines this morning  just did not seem right and as soon as we were in the field I realized what was going on.  Luc’s lines were switched… the outside line was attached to Galahad’s bit; let me tell you that does strange things.  Luc was blaming Galahad with an ears back attitude.  The boys were patient while I took Luc’s lines off and put them back on correctly!  Now that’s a scary thing to be doing out in the middle of a stubble field.

We jumped seven deer today from the depths of the big canyon and out of their daytime beds.  We actually were pushing our limits by driving into an area we had never been in before.  Luc and Galahad were doing the “quick step” when we topped out and Luc saw something that needed a quick get away from.  That spook was 14.2 miles an hour and less than 50 feet.  They were a little harder to rein in but no harm no foul.  The next time I saw deer running I made sure their minds were occupied on something else.  It really was a fun drive and the weather was perfect, 69 degrees under a warm sun at noon time. We did have a nice long road trot at 7.2 mph.  They have been laid off for nine days and it really showed, they were renamed Huffin’ and Puffin’.   5.25 miles in 2 hrs and 10 minutes, mostly field miles

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