September Thoughts

September has been wonderful to Teamdonk as we have driven more this month than ever before. Last year, during this month, we only went out a half dozen times due to a full work load and of course the wet weather.  I am in love with this flexible part time work schedule as it is giving me so much more time to get out and drive.  Being able to get off the roads and into the fields has been a tremendous thrill.

 The 2009 driving season started in May with the training of OK Sir Galahad, that year we ended the season with 55 drives, our last drive was October first.  We started driving this year the first of August and I am hoping to see some October driving.  The plan for next spring is to revisit the corrals at WhiteBird, Idaho in May with a new team to train and Teamdonk #1 to reinforce their training agenda and then a full summer and fall of driving both teams. As soon as we can get back into the hay fields, we should be putting together our multiple hitches.

 This coming week looks to be very wet early on so am not sure how we will manage to squeeze in some driving.  The boys will also be going to the vet for dental work.  Then it is the Idaho International Draft Horse and Mule Show which will take me away from the Teamdonk boys for at least four days.  While we are there we’ll be checking out how the big hitches do it!  This will give me an opportunity to really study an assortment of all the little things I will need to know when it comes time to hooking my two teams together. It will be a terrific learning experience.

 Here’s hoping there are many more fall drives in our near future as we are not ready to hang the harness up for winter just quite yet.

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