The Perfect September Drive

Brilliant flashes of sheet lightening filled the sky at 3:30 this morning.  We could see the donkeys hovered around the hay bale Jim had fed just before dark, looking like they were trying to devour the entire bale before it got rained on.  By 11 am it was 63 degrees and my opportunity to go even with a 40% chance of rain, which are not bad odds. 

We headed south as we have been doing a lot of northerly drives.  Luc made a gee turn upon being asked and reinforced with a slight touch of the line into the second stubble field past our place.  That put us in the D5 Cat tracks we had been in before heading towards our rental farm ground.  After we had reached the top of the field the boys really wanted to take a jaunt downhill staying in the rows, which was fine with me, at the bottom the stubble was tall enough to drag the bottom of the cart.  We drove almost the entire length of the Halford property, constantly watching the skies as it seemed at times it was clouding up and getting darker but then the sun would peak out and once again it seemed okay to go a little further.  It actually stayed nice the entire drive and was 74 degrees by 2 PM. 

We were a little early coming back and I wanted a little longer drive so I asked the boys to go past our place and continue down the road.  They have been driving nicely one handed all summer with light contact.  Galahad wanted to argue about going past our place so I took the lines in both hands and he quickly settled down.  They don’t like going this way because of the neighbor’s dog and sheep but to their shock and amazement they survived both today.  On our way back Jim brought the crawler out of the west field just ahead of us; Galahad threw his head up when Jim put it in a higher gear as he roared down the road.  He drove the dust making donkey eating yellow-bellied monster up to the side of us in the east field as we were coming up the lane.  Again Galahad was not sure he was going to like this but he behaved.  It was really a good workout drive; both the boys were a tiny bit sweaty and in two hours and ten minutes they only took a ten minute break during our six mile trip.  Galahad had a birthday earlier this month and he is now 6 years old… Time for the adult brains to kick in there, don’t ya think young man?

This year Teamdonk has driven 107 miles in 42 hours with a total of 20 drives.  Galahad’s 75th hitch was today and our total overall mileage is 370 miles to date.

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