OH My Aching Backside

Today, for the first time, it was too cold for shorts but okay for a tank top.  At 6:30 this morning it was 38 degrees with 75% humidity when I went out to harness, at 10:20 it had finally reached 60 degrees with 47% humidity and the sun was feeling good by then. 

Our drive was really pretty darn kewell.  We drove the field across from Longhaul Road that we checked out yesterday.  There is a fairly large butte, I guess you could call it, that we side hilled around before finding a good four wheeler track to follow out into the center of this gigantic field.  From our previous adventure I knew where we needed to come out but getting there bounced the cart hard over the rows of donkey sized knee high wheat stubble.  We were headed downhill and the boys were boogying way more than my butt could handle.  A couple of times I had to take a hold of them and slow this dog and pony show down.  Near the bottom of the butte we had bounced thru some extremely rough ground so my already sore back took a pretty hard pounding on that little escapade.  Across Longhaul Road we were back into the large field we were in yesterday this time dropping deeper into it.  Again we had to come back across the rows to exit but this time the boys were on a better angle coming out right where we needed to be.  It was a little cooler and cloudier today, looks like the cold front is getting closer.  We were out a little over two hours and logged 5 ¼ miles so not bad.  The boys had the best slow jog they had ever done completely in unison, it was thrilling.  7.6 mph was our top speed.  Just a very pleasant morning with no traffic and lots of driving!

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