Teamdonk Does Combined Driving!

Now don’t get excited, this is Teamdonk’s version of Combined Driving.  Driving the gravel roads, then into the harvested stubble fields and back out to the roads and across the fields we go! Since I am still working in the afternoons, it is a timed event! It was a little warmer this morning with the cloud cover, at 7 am it was 50 degrees with 60% humidity, definitely not bad at all. 

We drove back to the field we were in yesterday, again going all the way to the canyon and following it as long as we could.  Galahad pointed out a doe with twin fawns and Luc saw the grazing cows both were way off in the distance and on the other side of the canyon walls.  On our way back to the road we avoided the steep stuff we sometimes go play in, this field is so large we could do a half dozen drives and not cover it all.  Today we journeyed alongside a field of baby canola that had exploded over the ground into a rich green carpet.  The plants had thick fat leaves and were only about two inches tall, if that.  Absolutely a beautiful fall crop! 

Driving straight across Longhaul Road put us into another stubble field we had never been in before.  Again I was surprised at how steep the rolling hills in the fields really are.  We did not exit in a good spot and ended up bouncing the cart thru a ditch that was buried in the weeds.  My backside is starting to feel all those little bumps and boo boos! At the crossroads it was decision time.  If we went over another mile further that would give us a different section of Day Canyon to cross and it would put us into the back of our property and definitely over our time allotment.  Decided that the stormy dark sided clouds with rain in the forecast meant we DRIVE today like there is no tomorrow! 

Seven miles today, probably about three miles of field work in just 2 hours and 32 minutes with a trotting speed of 8 mph, Galahad kicked it into a lope at one point.  What a great time we had.  At 11:15 am it was 69 degrees with 35% humidity.  If I could have one wish it would be to never let this time of the year end, oh and for my aching backside to just get over it!

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