The Lucky September 13th Field Drive

This was a pure adrenalin rush kinda drive.  The temperature hovered in the 30s until 7:30 am when it was time to get with the program and harness up.  Typical autumn morning, cool and crisp until just before 9 am when it finally hit 45*, around here that is driving in tank top and shorts weather. 

The boys were feeling fine back in their go cart so we exited the road and into the nearest field past the big canyon on Day Road.  We had not used this entrance before.  This gave us a southern view into the big canyon and put us into an unfamiliar area. Didn’t take us long to discover we had gotten ourselves into some super steep country with maybe no way to exit once we reached the top.  Every farmer has patches of ground that is unfarmable.  It may be an area that stays too wet like a draw or a rocky hilltop and that is what I suspected this was going to be.  At our angle I could not tell if we could drive across once we reached it so we elected to side hill around it. What a steep hillside it was, I was leaning over the side of the cart as far as I could to keep the weight on the uphill side, way too much fun!  Once around the scab patch we had a pleasant drive along the canyon’s edge until it was time to head across the field and back to the entrance.  The golden stubble fields stretch as far as one can see, which must be for at least 25 miles, framed by beautiful sapphire blue mountains and topped with glorious brilliant skies with a few wispy white clouds.  You appreciate days like this one, knowing that winter is just around the corner.

Instead of heading for home on Jessup Road we had enough time to drive our own stubble field going towards the back of the property.  This put us in the hay field that goes above the beehives.  To my amazement it looks like the bee keeper has removed 90% of the bees.  That must be why we received our sweet luscious honey payment, a box filled with various sized freshly filled bottles. Pay Day!!! Jim mowed the lawn and hitching area so hopefully the remaining bees will be active elsewhere.

 It was 63 degrees at 10:45 and the sun felt really good.  Super fun two hour five mile drive and the boys worked their butts off for me today.  Again we pushed for longer trots and their trotting speed was 7.8 mph.

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