BEES on the rampage!

Buckboard Definition: In the 1500s, the coach—a carriage with an enclosed cab—was developed for the well off. The early-sixteenth-century buggy, a “poor man’s coach,” had a roof but no sides. By the mid-1800s, Americans had developed the versatile buckboard. It had four wheels and two axles, mounted by a board of flexible wood. Its front seat could hold two people and it was drawn by one or two horses. On western farms, the almost ubiquitous buckboard was used to haul supplies. Some had sides; they rarely had roofs. Most were single-seaters for two, but some were two-seaters for four people. In 1879, American George B. Seldon developed a buckboard with a motor. The basic design later evolved into the pickup truck.

Now here is our version of a donkey powered pickup!

With Jim’s help I was able to hitch to the new Oxbow Company buckboard today.  It had warmed up quickly for a pleasant change, making it a poor day to work with the honey bees, or so we thought.  That is exactly what our bee keeper decided to do and what a mess for us.  First bees were swarming the honeycombs on the truck, once the truck was gone they decided to  attack the sunflower decorations on the buckboard instead.   Since it was parked close to where we were hitching this meant we had to get the flowers and signs pulled off the buckboard.  The kids in the back seat got to stay. 

We were fine during our drive in the hay field but once we headed down the road the bees that could not keep up with the truck, who definitely were not happy with their situation, swarmed us and the donkeys.  The good news is no one was stung and no runaways. Thank goodness the donkey boys were really trying their best to keep the bees off them and not for bolt for home.  They had bees in their ears and inside their blinders and everywhere else. We had a 4 mile per hour walk towards home; they were wasting no time getting there. 

These are probably the only pictures we will get of Teamdonk in harness this year.  I think the larger boys will work best on this buckboard, especially the way the pole is designed.  

  This should make us a nice parade vehicle and is set up to drive four abreast.

2 Responses to “BEES on the rampage!”

  1. Melvin and Sparkle Says:

    Looking good! and looking forward to the 4 up!

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