A Laborless Labor Day

This was one of those fall bonus days, where it turns off much nicer than expected and a day off work to boot so I guess it was really a double bonus day!  Teamdonk did get out for a drive and they did manage to be rather entertaining!  We pulled out of the driveway at 1:30 and it was 63 degrees with a gusty cool breeze.  Jim hoped in so I could take him up to the machine shed and his weight raised the pole.  Driving by myself I had never had this happen before, so he sat on the edge of his seat to change the balance of the cart weight.  That was excitement #1.

The boys made the decision to leave the easy walking in the hayfield and go into our wheat field, I think they were going to pull a exit stage left and head home and that would be it.  Nope didn’t happen!  We had another nice long road trot, they stayed together and I decided when to stop.  At the first machine shed I directed Luc into a wheat field that borders our place that I had never driven in.  That was fun, we made a loop around it.  Then back to the road where we didn’t stay long.  There was an easy place to enter into the next wheat field so we did.  We did fine until the cart started bouncing thru some rough spots.  That was all Galahad needed, his head went up and his feet went flying.  As soon as I felt like I was back in control which didn’t take me long, I decided if these two jerks felt good enough for a full out run, then that is what they should do.  They were headed up a steep hillside and as soon as they started to slow down I let them know that was not in their new program and they could run all the way to the top of that hill and for a long way thru the field at a full gallop.  They were huffin’ and puffin’ by the time I let them stop.  Hey guys I can ride a lot longer than you can run!!  Ahhh man that was way too much work for fat boy Luc and Galahad was pretty apologetic at unharnessing time.  That was our second run away in two days; I need to have the time to work them harder than just a two hour, five mile drive. Of course it is cooler now and they are back in condition, they could go ten miles and it wouldn’t hurt them one bit. 

 We came out of that field at the second machine shed where we road drove to Jim’s leased ground.  Again the back side of Gary’s wheat fields were calling to us and I could see a good path thru the stubble where they had driven the grain trucks, that road connected to a trail left by Jim’s D 5 Cat where he had cut across the field so we had an awesome time following those trails.  We ended up back at the first machine shed driving thru the stubble.  The sky was bluish blue, and the air was crisp and clean it  was a super fun drive.  The boys were pooped when we got home, that field driving is work… Especially at a full out run!!

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