September Harvest

Harvest is finally over for us and with a forecasted ugly turn to the weather I expect this to be the last drive I’ll see in awhile.  I changed back to their summer collars this morning which they did fine in, they were really swimming in the ones I had custom made this spring.  This means they have tuned up and lost some extra unnecessary inches.  Luc did carry his head lower and start biting at the yoke again so I know his was pinching him.  Both had collar sweat marks for the first time.  Looks like I will be ordering some wider collars, donkeys have such thick necks.

This was a tough one.  We drove through our hay field then jumped across to the bluegrass, which was to wet to burn yesterday, driving the entire parameter takes the better part of an hour.  When we arrived back at the road Jim passed closely by us with the combine on his way to harvest the neighbor’s canola and that sure didn’t faze them one bit, he had it wound up pretty good going down the road. 

It was really warm when we started out at 9 am but it clouded up and cooled down real fast especially when the wind kicked in.  I could see blackish clouds off to the southwest moving in quickly, that brewing storm is what probably made the boys so skittish. We went from the bluegrass into our soft white wheat field completely avoiding the roads and all the harvest traffic and dust.  I could see combines running everywhere and the semis were not slowing down for anyone, everyone is trying to beat the weather and get the crops to the warehouse.

The last part of our drive was through a freshly harvested crop of hard red wheat.  This field has a large basin where there was a huge pond when Jim was a boy, now it is full of tall grasses and it’s a great spot for wildlife to hide in.  The stubble in the bottom was so tall it was over their knees and had a layer of shaft across the top so thick they could not see where they were putting their feet which they did not like that at all.  Luc spotted a nice forked horned buck jumping through the tall grass spooking Teamdonk into an uphill run.  They only went a few feet before stopping to check on the running deer.  It was really not a big deal we simply went up the hill a little faster than I had planned; GPS clocked it at 5 miles an hour.  On top we followed the road back to the field entrance where there were about six vehicles parked which we had already passed once.  Galahad had a major spook when he finally saw the pickups and truck; apparently someone was not paying attention.  I could sure tell there was a storm brewing by the way these two were over reacting to everything.  By the time I was ready to pull harness it had started to rain, guess we made it just in time.  We went five miles in two hours on our fall field tour Saturday September 4th.
2010 totals: 72.75 miles this year, 29.5 hours in the cart and this was Galahad’s 70th hitch

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