The Lucky 13th drive of the year

Thursday Sept 2nd was a wonderfully warm and dry afternoon, finally!  Came home early from work with driving on my mind.  Got the boys in the pen and was heading out to harness when I noticed Galahad kicking and biting wildly, by the time I got to the pen I could see a swarm of angry wasps attacking him.  The only thing to do was open the gate and let him run for it.  They continued their harassment for the next hour everywhere he went.  Once things settled down I went out to check for damages.  Could not find any welts, but I had lost the desire to hitch and have that happen again while driving.  I sprayed the pen down and have not seen any since.

 September 3rd, finally a warm morning, 52 degrees at the start and 67 when we arrived home with a light refreshing breeze.  By 8:30 we were hitched and on our way.  Today was switching sides day.  This time Galahad was closest to the traffic and Luc gets to walk in the grass and watch so we don’t run over cans or glass bottles which Galahad avoids like the plague. 

I really didn’t have a plan this morning, which is unusual for me.   We headed down the drive way, then the road and into the hay field from there we drove directly into our harvested wheat field avoiding the gravel roads for almost a mile.  About half way thru the field we could hear a large tractor pulling a disk coming up behind us.  As he passed I soaked up that good earthy smell of black soil being disturbed.  Galahad kept an ear on him, just in case. This fire line work means the bluegrass field we love playing in would soon be going up in smoke.  I figured it would happen this morning which meant we could only be out for about another 45 minutes, since I didn’t want to be caught on the wrong side of a wall of smoke and flames between us and home.  Dang I wanted to take advantage of this terrific fall weather and just go and go this morning!

Teamdonk proceeded to the corner in a perfectly matched ground covering gait, it was the longest trot these two have ever done in harness, it was impressive!  The boys dove into another hay field and I figured okay you two let’s play.  We practiced figure eights, backing down a nice easy slope and some 360 degree Gee & Haw a rounds.  Going back towards our place I put the boys into a trot and again they didn’t want to stop so we kept going and going.  It did sorta backfire on Galahad as he has never trotted with the britchin fully engaged when headed down a slight slope.  He kicked up a little but once he got the feel of it he settled in for a nice long go.  We slowed down just in time to be passed by a Bell Equipment pickup pulling an empty 30 foot combine header cart that was really bouncing because of the lack of any weight on it.  That not only surprised Galahad, but it scared him a little too. He did have a chance to see another pickup this time with the combine header on the cart and he really looked that one over.  Back in our hay field we did more figure eights and added in an imaginary cones course where we didn’t even knock any balls off the cones … wow were really good!

Against Luc’s better judgment, which was to go directly up the driveway and end this session.  “We” decided my idea was much better and that was to pass our driveway and proceed into the west field that had canola in it.  The combine and truck activity gave us a great pathway to follow to the top of the field.  I did have to get the “willar” out (otherwise known as the driving whip) to encourage Luc, of course Merlin and Hank were hee-hawing to the team….” Hey suckers look at us we’ve been pasture divas while you guys have been out workin’”… Hee-haw!  Of course Luc and Galahad know their E-Z living ends in the spring with team driving 101 at the top of their agenda.

Ended our drive in 1 hour and 36 minutes and did an easy 5 miles and our grand total mileage is 330.75

2010 Total 27.5 hours and 67.75 miles 13th drive this year

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