No Stress Drives

August 17, 2010

46* 67% humidity 6 am hung laundry out

57* 54% humidity 7am done harnessing

73* 28 % humidity 10 am sun felt hot!

Field & road drive no stress fun  5.5 miles, 8.1 trot 1 hr 49 moving 2 hr 10 min total 

2010 Totals 20 hours/ 46.5 miles The Grand totals are 65th hitch, 309 miles, 130.5 hrs of driving

August 18, 2010… Wed. First part of the drive was thru a light and very refreshing rain, definitely on the cool side.  It was another kick back relaxing easy drive.  We did not do the bluegrass field today, more road driving without any traffic!  Came home thru the field then back down our lane and back out on the road and headed the opposite direction.  When I took Luc’s felt pad off I noticed a bad rub mark, same on the other side.  No wonder he was a little upset with me.  Won’t be using those collar pads again!  5 miles in 2 hours and 2 minutes.  8.6 mph trot

2010 totals 22 hours/51 miles on our 66th hitch

Luc’s shoulder is healed, trimming the collar pad back really helped also.  At 6 am it was a very cool 41* by the time we returned it was a comfortable 70*.  Better than the cold weather we have been having. Drove 6 miles today to the Halford place, went into the canola field where Gary had disked and driven the trucks over.  The road took me into the draw where we had never been.  The newly planted canola that we watched is up.  Galahad decided to lope today 8.6 at mph.  His traces need another hole.  Did some harness adjustments, Luc has a new ring to snap the breast collar into and that worked super.  It was a great drive.  Lots of field burning went on later in the afternoon.

2010 Totals 24 hours/67th hitch 57 miles this year

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