Driving Friday the 13th

This morning at 5:30 am as I was harnessing there were rain drops and rolling thunder.  By the time I was ready to go the thunder had stopped but it was really cool, crisp and damp, 50-55 degrees.  We had a great drive thru the newly cut oat hay field and then into the big bluegrass field.  After we traveled all the way around that field I had decided it was not going to rain anymore so we headed down the road where we were able to sit and watch a canola field being planted.  It was fun to come back thru the oat field and into the hay field and back onto Jessup road and this time down our drive way instead of entering and exiting thru the back of the property.

  Harvest will start probably soon, when it does it will be all field driving for the next three or four weeks.  We’re going to bring them to town this weekend, hitching to the buckboard and adding the hames bells.  Next weekend is our fair parade and I want to make sure they are ready. 

9.2 mph was our fastest trot.  Moving time was 1 hr 45 minutes and the total in the cart time was 2 hours and 06 minutes.  2010 Totals 13 hours/ 35 miles

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