Donkey Driving 8-9-10

Got the boys brushed and collars on early enough Monday morning, Aug 9th, that Jim tossed the harness on before leaving for work!  That little bit of help got us headed out by 6:50 am.  It was cool this morning barely 70*, if even that, when we got back at 9:30.  It was another 2 hr and 06 minute drive.  This morning we drove the 5 mile loop for the first time this year and had a wonderful visit with the neighbors who live on Scholten Rd.  The boys got in a couple of nice slow controlled trots at 7.6 mph, I’ll speed them up into a road gate trot later.    2010 Totals 11 hours/ 29 ½ miles Thunderstorms are in our weather forecast for the next several days, the boys may get a day of two off.  When harvest starts, which won’t be much longer, I’ve scouted out a couple of nice fields to drive.  The boys will love that!

2 Responses to “Donkey Driving 8-9-10”

  1. MadelineHere - HorseNPony Says:

    Hey there —

    Love your stuff!

    Glad it’s Donkey Summer – got to get some tweets out about you


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