Galahad’s 60th time hitched

We woke to ½” of rain from the previous night and it was still thundering, lightening and raining so Teamdonk enjoyed a day of rest. 

Teamdonk's Day Off

 Saturday Aug 7th we went driving between 8 and 10 am, temp was in the mid 70’s and ever so pleasant.  The sky was hazy which made me wonder if there is a fire nearby when we saw the forest service helicopter heading for the mountains and heard the boride plane taking off from the county airport. 

Drove back to Lee and Debbie’s, they had a cowboy action practice shoot going on with friends from Waha, Id and we just had to show off the donkeys.  We trotted up the hills, at 8.8 mph, and straight up the driveway to the shooters and carts.  The boys were perfectly behaved…even Luc! Moving time was 1hr 48 minutes. Total time was 2:06 for the third day in a row, including our visiting time!  2010 Totals 9 hours/24 ½ miles This was Galahad’s 60th time being hitched!

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