Kickin’ Beer Cans

Hooves and manes trimmed, Aug 3rd   Merlin is still fighting the idea of having his rear hooves picked up.  We are going to put a little more time and effort into this project.

August 4, 2010 Drove all the way to Lee and Debbie’s (5 ½ miles).  We did our first beer cans today… ran over the first one and Galahad stepped on the second one.  We also had a bird fly up out of the tall grass giving us three heart racing thrills! 

Monday the breast and quarter straps were set to tight so I changed them out to the new longer ones and today I had them set too loose.  One quick adjustment and it looks like it will be just right tomorrow.  Totals: 1 hr 43 moving minutes out of 2 hours and 6 minutes total, which will get better once the boys get into condition.  Great drive!  The farmer’s have their combines out and the crops are turning quick.  Here I am just getting started driving and it is almost harvest time.  2010 Totals 5 hours /13 miles

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