2010’s First Offical Drive

I hope to never endure another March thru June such as this one. Thank goodness we are done with the cold and wet of spring and it is finally summer.  Today Luc, Galahad and I have our made our driving 2010 debut.  This has come about with a multitude of harness changes.  I am pleased to note the custom made collars are more comfortable for the boys and the new pads take up the right amount of collar slack.  The tubular steel bolt hames worked well with these collars.  It was odd for me to see such a wide spread at the top of the collars from the box.  The sweat pattern on Galahad looked right and Luc fooled me and didn’t sweat a drop! Galahad is sporting a new pair of quarter straps and not to be outdone Luc has a new set of traces.  After adjustments and a quickie ground drive we hitched and were off.

The temperatures were in the mid 70’s with a delightful breeze and oh my gosh is it ever green everywhere, accented by the blue of the mountains and the sky.   We encountered a field of juvenile delinquent calves on our route.  These kids wanted to show Luc what an old fashioned cattle stampede would look like.  All except for one came up from behind and ran past the boys, that one just wanted to annoy Lucers and follow him.   We finally lost them when they decided to wait at muddy gate for our return.  Naughty kids, they all needed a good spankin’!

Our neighbors have a new dog, oh let me tell you how Luc feels about dogs… there is no love extended to the canines of the world.  This beautiful golden retriever stayed on his porch and just enjoyed the site of the team, the cart and me talking the boys thru it.  What a good doggie and smart too!

The trip home was pretty exciting for Galahad.  He witnessed the calves on his side this time and a trailer load of horses being turned loose in their new pasture.  Galahad got pretty excited and was hot footing it for home.  I convinced him to slow his pace after we had passed all the excitement.  Once we made the final turn for home he settled in and enjoyed the remainder of the trip.

2009 Yearly Totals…. 255.5 miles in 111.5 hours with 55 hitches

Today’s drive (6/28/10) was 4 miles with a max speed of 7.7 Drove 1 hour and 30 minutes Now I have to log 30 more hours of work before our next drive!  The boys are fat and soft and still sporting about 25% of their winter apparel.  Their hooves took the gravel roads well, Luc had a couple of large stones to dig out but Galahad was in great shape.  It’s going to be a great summer!

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