January 2010

It’s the dawning of a new year.  For many that means setting those impossible resolutions but to Teamdonk it means we are one month closer to achieving our goals!  A second driving team, a three abreast on the buggy and a four abreast on the wagon!  There I said it in writing so it is now officially cut in concrete! 

 Jim of Oxbow Trade Company in Canyon City, Oregon has invited us to bring the buggy and wagon over.  He is going to custom design eveners for them.  Helen Eden in Hamilton, MT sez come on over and we’ll teach you how to hold the lines for a four up.  This teamster is saying, “The wheels are in motion to achieve our dreams.” 

 The donkey boys are enjoying the mild winter we are experiencing here.  There are no photos of snow to post and no talk of blizzards.  It’s been fun for us to keep a close watch on them and learn the personalities of the newest members.  We’ve even come up with some fitting nick names for each.

 Luc has always and will always be Dennis The Menace for obvious reasons.

Galahad‘s nickname comes from the Peanuts Gang… he is without a doubt, Pigpen.  When there is mud anywhere on the farm rest assured Pigpen will be wearing more than his fare share of it.

 Now Hank started out as Huggie Bear but one afternoon it changed and he became known as Cuddles.  That donkey just wants to cuddle with his folks any where at any time.  What a sweetheart he is.

Jim came up with the nickname for Merlin and it just fits him to a tee.  Merlin is “Baby Huey” Yep, he sure is.

From Dennis the Menace, Pigpen, Cuddles and Baby Huey here’s looking at a year filled with wonderful new opportunities of riding and driving for Teamdonk.  For now stay warm and dry where ever you are and plan to meet up here when it’s time to come out and play.

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2 Responses to “January 2010”

  1. scott rahn Says:

    Saw article on Mules and More and wondering about purchasing hame bells. thank you scott

    • teamdonk Says:

      Scott, thanks for your reply to the magazine letter. I can’t wait to for my copy to arrive!
      As of right now the only bad thing is the cost. I have to import the bells and they are the spendy part. I have a metal worker and a place to have them powder coated, or they can be spray painted. At the most, including shipping with powder coating I am hoping to get them done for $225. to $250. a pair. I don’t have a price yet on the powder coating as my new set is still being finished.

      That will at least give you an idea of what it has cost me to get them put together. The cost has been worth it for me, everyone loves the bells!

      If you are still interested let me know and I can set the wheels in motion. Kristi

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